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Multiple spaces transformed for lectures, meetings, concerts, receptions, small trade shows, weddings, celebrations and special events.

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Main Theatre
Perfect for:  Concerts | Performances | Lectures & Public Speakers

BPAC Main Stage

A multi-purpose performance venue that can accommodate the requirements of theatrical and musical performances, as well as community or corporate events. With 718 seats, audience members enjoy excellent sightlines and proximity to the stage, world-class acoustics and an intimate connection to what’s happening on stage. The theatre includes state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems to accommodate the needs of the most demanding events. The theatre also comes equipped with dressing rooms and a fully furnished performance lounge.

Community Studio Theatre
Perfect for:  Carbaret & Theatre Style Performances | Rehearsal Space | Meeting Space | Small Conferences | Dance/Theatre Classes & Workshops | Receptions

A flexible “Black Box” studio with 2,500 square feet of floor space to accommodate a variety of events. This intimate space is acoustically superior, encircled by a mezzanine level, and seats an audience of up to 200 people depending on configuration. The Studio is also equipped with a sprung floor, video screens, and sound system.

Family Lobby
Perfect for:  Weddings | Receptions | Special Events | Small Conferences | Performances | Public Announcements | Lectures & Public Speakers

BPAC Lobby Ground Level
A unique, light filled space that can accommodate anywhere from 200 people for a sit down meal to 900 people for a standing reception. The 5000 square foot space includes built in bar facilities, floor-to-ceiling windows, and is encircled by a mezzanine level above; creating a unique social setting.

Marshalling Room
Perfect for:  Meeting Space | Small Conferences | Dance/Theatre Classes & Workshops | Rehearsal Space | Receptions

A space featuring natural light through picture windows. Transform this space to suit your event, from cocktail tables to full conference seating. With enough space to comfortably accommodate up to 100 people, the Marshalling Room is ideal for your smaller scale events. The Marshalling Room is also equipped with a sprung floor, sound system, and built in LCD screen.